Let’s go!

Welcome to our brand new site!!! Yay!

Many of you have accompanied us along the way, and know that this site here is a dream come true. Here we go. Now, we will slowly leave the platform of Withlocals and work only on our own site, offering the chance to any of you, anywhere in the world to sign up to become hosts, cooks or guests.

At the moment, we are still waiting for the German authorities to finalise the paperwork but you can already get in touch and we can start the work, until we get the green light.

For the exact same reasons, we cannot yet set up the NGO’s bank account but if you’d like to donate us already, you can do that here:

Can’t wait for the new adventures to come, for the stories to be told and heard, for the delicious bites we’re going to share and for the friendships to be made. Let’s go!

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