Our mission

Refugee Dinners began as very simple idea in the winter of 2016: to build bridges between locals and new comers to Berlin, Germany, in the most simple and profound way, around a dinner table.

Learning that most emergency shelters housing refugees and asylum seekers have no kitchens, and how much the women miss cooking and hosting, I started inviting some of these women to cook in the kitchen of our home. We soon grew close with a group of women, from Syria and Iraq, and started sharing our experiences, sorrows and joys with each other, as well as helping each other outside of the bi-weekly cooking events. Friendships were formed - we found flats, jobs, and assistance together, I met their husbands, played with their children. Very quickly it became more than just dinners. The word got out, and more and more people wanted to come and other people wanted to start their own supper clubs. So, this platform was born to help others open their homes, to share their traditional meals and stories, to find new friends, to help with integration in a small way. To build bridges.



Let’s go!

Welcome to our brand new site!!! Yay! Many of you have accompanied us along the way, and know that this …

Please, get in touch, share your motivation, concerns and questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.